We feel as though the best approach to serving our clients is to stay informed, educated and kept abreast of any new innovations in technology that can be used to better effect a rapid and professional reclamation of your valuable asset.

We therefore maintain memberships in good standing in national trade associations and attempt to work with other informed professionals. Here are some of the people we align ourselves with:

Partnering With The Financial Community To Recover Your Assets!
Louisiana Repossessions, it's what we do. Banks and other lending institutions that fund the purchase of vehicles are all too often left holding the bag by unscrupulous borrowers with no respect for contract law. Collateral assets disappear.

In fact, any asset your institution has taken as collateral may be diverted into an underworld of lucrative disposal and never seen again.
Business Financing is Your Job  -  Asset Recovery is Ours
For many years, MCX has been the "silent partner" of banks and other commercial lenders, reaching out discreetly on their behalf through an international network of contacts to track and quickly recover valuable assets that would otherwise be lost forever.
Asset Recovery
MCX offers virtual 'one stop shopping' in the reclamation of your valuable asset.

We respond rapidly to your assignment request, promptly putting an experienced adjuster on the account as soon as possible. We have well trained skip tracers and pride ourselves on being able to find the most difficult involuntaries.

Throughout the State of Louisiana,
Work with MCX, Work with the Best

Asset Recovery - Private Investigations

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